I work with my clients to build the capabilities that enable organizations to achieve sustainable advantage.

We are shaping the future of fitness. Together.


From Montreal to Taipei, Steph designs immersive fitness experiences for studios of all shapes and sizes. She focuses on creating culture by establishing a shared sense of mission, vision, and values.


Steph helps unlock insight and have the courage to act. She challenges established thinking and drive transformation. Steph will work with you to build the capabilities that enable innovation, sustainability, and growth.


Fitness experiences should push people toward a greater potential. Steph will seek new and innovative ways to improve our health and wellbeing, and strive to create a positive impact on day-to-day living. 


Transform your staff into highly trained instructors that lead an emotional journey with inspirational coaching, high-energy music, and supreme fitness. Steph provides a unique process of thinking that will inspire your staff to keep learning


Steph works with a highly acclaimed web developing team in the United States to provide clean and beautiful websites. Together they also offer state-of-the art technology that seamlessly integrates MindBody, including a user friendly front end experience native to your site. 


Hype your brand and attract new clientele by hosting Steph Nieman as a Special Guest instructor. She is a global wellness leader, bringing teaching experience from top fitness boutiques in London, Montreal, Moscow, and New York City. 


Lets change with way people think about fitness.