Fitness should be inspiring.

Steph Nieman creates meaningful fitness experiences and empowers leaders in the industry to change lives. 

* * * 

Steph Nieman began working in wellness as an instructor at Soul Cycle. Since then she has led classes at Barry's Bootcamp, Flywheel Sports, and Peloton to name a few.

At Flywheel, Steph managed regional training and recruitment of instructors. She also oversaw the build out of studios and worked in tandem with the barre program. 

Steph was the Program Director of a fitness boutique in NYC called Uplift Studios. She created the group exercise classes, training program, and managed a new team of instructors. Shortly after, she started a pop-up yoga studio in a Black Box Theatre set to the beats of deep house music and ujjayi breath. 

You may recognize her from a recent popular iPad app, called Peloton Cycle, where she served as Head Coach and assisted with the training of instructors.

Steph is an independent consultant for gyms and fitness studios. She has worked with companies in Europe, Russia, Asia, Canada, and the United States. Her process draws upon a variety of tools and techniques from other disciplines such as philosophy, psychology, theatre, and dance.

Steph's aim is to inspire leaders and create experiences, designed and implemented to change the way people think about fitness.