What is a Guru?

A guru by traditional definition is a zen type of leader or expert, yoga or master, guiding followers down the path of self discovery, showing them the way without necessarily saying it in the form of memorization. The word guru is often referenced in Hindu or Buddhist religion or practice.

It is also casually given by the western world as a reference to anyone who is an acknowledged leader or chief proponent in any sort of topic. Many people use the word synonymously with the word expert or leader.

Recently, people are are giving fitness instructors the title of Guru, crowning them with much respect and admiration. Perhaps we grant this title, because fitness experiences are no longer just a workout. Fitness has become an opportunity to explore and develop the higher self. 

A Guru provides a process of of thinking. They instill questions that lead to inward growth and outward application. The aspiration of a guru is to inspire and motivate. Every interaction that is taken with the general public is a unique opportunity to pass on a distinct passion, a natural openness, and an authentic joy and curiosity for life. Gurus are cheerleaders of personal growth, warriors against pointless negativity, and instigators of truth.

We are all our own guru. 

Know yourself through a continuous exploration with curiosity and empathy, understanding and innovation. The better you know yourself, the more you can offer. 

Be open to the energy people bring to the room. Genuinely navigate them to a common goal and community that extends far beyond that of a fitness regime. Do your best to create a safe space where people can stay humble, remain open and ready to always learn.

Be authentic with your inspirational coaching. You don't have to be profound. Through your self exploration, figure out what type of coaching resonates with you. Talk to your clientele as if they are your best friends. Make eye contact and be real. 

Positive reinforcement. Reward clientele who commit to this suspension of disbelief. For example, you can truly engage with clientele by encouraging loyalists to be in the front row; maybe you treat them to coffee, or perhaps you post photos with them on social media.

Be the change you want to see.

It's quite powerful how much influence an instructor can have on people's lives. We indeed have the chance to inspire people to reach their fullest potential in life. Become a Guru and help push this world to a better place.