Find Your Authentic Voice

You may have noticed some fitness instructors or public speakers use a grand and over-the-top voice when using a microphone. It usually sounds quite silly and fake.

Using an authentic voice seems easy, yet it’s one of the most common struggles for us all. Perhaps because we’re actually hearing ourself talk - which isn’t normal, and it can throw us off. Maybe we don’t like what we hear, so we change it to sound “better”.  

More specifically to fitness instruction, it’s challenging to use inspirational words and phrases while sounding like a real person. When I read motivational quotes, I use a grandeur voice in my head that sounds much wiser than me. How else can I believe life is amazing and I am capable?!  Oddly enough - these motivational quotes ONLY work with an authentic, real person voice. Otherwise they sound fake, corny, or too esoteric.

Rather than rehearsing your body language and exact phrases, lead with these four aims of impression:

Be open to your audience

Connect with your audience

Be passionate about the brand

Listen to your audience

When you rehearse this way, you’ll genuinely experience these feelings when delivering your class. Your body language will emerge at the right moment and your audience will know you’re the real thing.