Find Your Authentic Voice

It was 8am on a Saturday morning and I convinced myself to get out of bed for a HIIT class. After a stressful week at work I was determined to have a detox weekend, packed with fitness, yoga, and green juice.

I was lucky enough to meet the Coach before the class. Considering the terrifying description of the course, I was pleasantly surprised at her kindness. Her voice was gentle, she took time to listen, and had a twinkle in her eye as if she just discovered a new passion for life. I was ready for her to commence my weekend of wellness.

In the classroom the coach flopped her flowing blonde locks into a messy bun on the top of head and strapped on a microphone. She smiled. And something changed… her forehead wrinkled, her eyes glazed over and went into airplane mode, and her sweet gentle voice was no longer human, it was closer to the sound of a robot. In fact, she was screaming into the microphone.

She was not authentic. She was FITNESS COACH !!!!

Finding your authentic voice may seem easy, yet it’s one of the most common struggles for fitness instructors. Something horrible happens to coaches when they feel the spotlight and turn on the microphone. They often become drill sergents or weird robots, repeating the same class over and over again.

It’s even more challenging to naturally use inspirational phrases or quotes. Emotive coaching only works with an authentic voice. Otherwise it is communicated fake, corny, or too esoteric.

An authentic voice takes time and practice to discover. My training for coaches involves theatre exercises, vocal warm-ups, and personal development. First you must know yourself. You must be content and confident with your true self before you can guide others to wellness. Then we find the natural voice and exlpore how to make it dynamic while staying authentic. Then we practice the Stanislovski Method to deepen our understanding of emotions and emoting.

To begin this jounrey, try some pillar rules in your next class :

Be open and listen to your audience

Connect with your audience

Believe in what you say

When you rehearse this way, your natural voice will emerge at the right moment and your audience will know you’re the real thing.