Osiris, Egypt’s Sunken Mysteries

This morning I went to the Osiris exhibition at the Arab World Institute . Archeologist Frank Goddio discovered the remains of legendary ancient cities Canopus and Thônis- Heracleion in the bay of Abu Qir Bay (just west of the Delta Nile). The exhibition unveils a secret and sacred ceremony signifying the triumph of good over evil. 

What struck me the most was the similarities between the Egyptian mythologies and Christianity. Even more interesting is the fact that the myth of Osiris outdates the Biblical story of Cain and Abel by many centuries. Orsiris is like Christ, a compassionate male god murdered by evil and comes back to life to save the world. Mary represents the same love and devotion as the Egyptian goddess, Isis. 

It makes me wonder if we are all telling the same story, but conflicted over the details. It's quite possible we all believe in the same higher power or greater good. I certainly hope so. Or perhaps the battle of Osiris and Seth or Heaven and Hell or Right and Wrong (whatever you want to call it) is never ending. Maybe the meditation or rituals of these stories helps us survive in a world riddled with Evil. 

The exhibition is an immersive experience, designed to reenact the mythical tale in a labyrinth of dark passageways lit by dim blue lights. At times I felt like I was there with Frank Goddio, investigating the mediterranean sea for stories untold. 

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Museum: Arab World Institute
Exhibition: Osiris, Egypt's Sunken Mysteries
Dates: September 8 - March 6, 2016
Rates: 15.50 EURO
Location: 1 Rue des Fossés Saint-Bernard, 75005 Paris